DuraGates Extra Large Galvanized Carriage - 9 Wheel

This heavy-duty carriage can carry 44,000 pounds! Thanks to the heavy-duty steel finish, it is created to withstand a 100-foot opening width. Use it in an industrial building or other high-security area.
Part Number: CGS-450.9-20K

$6,071.52 each


DuraGates Extra Large Galvanized Carriage - 9 Wheel

The CGS-450.9-20K is a carriage for a cantilever sliding gate that is made to withstand 44,000 pounds of capacity for heavy cantilever gates! This carriage can also handle a 100-foot opening width. If you have ever needed a carriage for high-security applications, this carriage can be used for data centers, power stations, secure industrial facilities, and the military. The center alignment wheel helps provide stability during the movement, so it helps your gate have a smoother operation time. The included adjustment screws also help provide vertical alignment to your gate.

Key Features:

  • Created From Heavy-Duty Steel
  • Shielded Bearing Gives High-Load Performance
  • 1-3/8"(35 mm) Thickness
  • Created With a Monoblock Steel Body
SKU CGS-450.9-20K