Cantilever Gate Videos

Check out the hardware we sell in action on real-life slide gates!


First, learn about the cantilever gate parts and accessories we carry. We offer professional hardware for installing slide gates of all sizes and materials. Each track is heavy enough to build your gate directly on it. The rollers are never exposed to the elements, allowing your hardware to last for years to come. Cantilever gate parts and accessories are a simple, yet effective long-term solution for years of trouble-free operation for your slide gate!



This gate weighs 2,000 lbs, and yet this man can open and close it with one finger! When you install your slide gate with our cantilever hardware, your gate will operate as smoothly as the one in this video, no matter the size or material.



The wooden gate featured in this video glides easily with our hardware. Whether you have a residential gate in a neighborhood or a commercial gate at an industrial site, our cantilever carriages, tracks and accessories will allow your slide gate to operate effortlessly.


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