Cantilever Gate Videos

Check out the hardware we sell in action on real-life slide gates!


First, learn about our cantilever gate parts and accessories. We offer professional hardware for installing slide gates of all sizes and materials. Each track is heavy enough to build your gate directly on it. The rollers are never exposed to the elements, allowing your hardware to last for years. Cantilever gate parts and accessories are a simple yet effective long-term solution for years of trouble-free operation for your slide gate!

This heavy-duty industrial gate was installed using DuraGates hardware and features an opening width of 20 ft. PLUS a 12 ft. tail end, making the overall gate length 32 ft. This cantilever sliding gate installation opens with ease by exclusively using DuraGates Cantilever Sliding Gate Hardware.

See an up-close view of a heavy-duty industrial gate installed using DuraGates CGS-350.8P Medium Carriage Monobloc Body With Steel Hardware. This cantilever sliding gate installation opens with ease by using the DuraGates Medium Steel 8-Wheel Carriage Monobloc Body CGS-350.8P.

This decorative aluminum dual gate installation with arched tops for an estate needs a beautiful, lightweight, functional, and long-lasting gate installation. Since the driveway opening was more prominent than the average installation, a double cantilever gate was recommended to increase functionality with less wear on the automatic gate opener. The gates were fabricated using aluminum bars, finials, and scrolls, all set on top of our DuraGates CGA-345M track and CGA-350.5M carriages making the gate long-lasting and beautiful for years to come.

This giant entry point required the fabrication of two sturdy gates made using minimally visible gate hardware. This client decided to use DuraGates Aluminum Track Model, CGA-350.5P. The gate cantilevers over the driveway instead of having a V-Groove track mounted on the ground in the entrance. When the gates open, they tuck nicely behind the two brick walls. By choosing the aluminum model, there is no chance of rust or corrosion, making these gates a low-maintenance addition to the property.

The family at this suburban California home was looking for an automated gate system to match their existing fence and keep the children in the yard and away from the street. After researching, they decided to install DuraGates Cantilever Sliding Gate Hardware. This cantilever system has enclosed carriage rollers and covers on the upper guides to avoid pinch points which are especially important when children are near. The gate was lightweight and the opening small, so DuraGates Model CGS-250.8M was chosen.

This residential installation was made using a lightweight, sleek sliding gate system featuring DuraGates Model CGS-250.8M, which was then automated with the DEIMOS automatic gate opener by BFT..

This 14FT x 700LB gate was fabricated and installed using the DuraGates cantilever aluminum track model, CGA-350.5P. The gate hardware is completely hidden as the carriages are placed behind the wall, and the track is covered by aluminum cladding. No unsightly wires or overhead track are needed with DuraGates cantilever sliding gate hardware, allowing gates made with this system to be more aesthetically pleasing. This heavy-duty gate slides closed effortlessly, meaning less 'wear and tear' on the automatic gate operator.

This hearty 1200 lb x 29 ft. long steel gate was installed at a residence in Washington State. The custom gate was fabricated using heavy-duty steel and then mounted and operated exclusively using DuraGates hardware. The simple cantilevered design did not require a ground-mounted track, making it the ideal choice for the customer.

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