Cantilever Gates FAQ

Where do I start?

The first step is to think about what kind of gate design and gate material you want. The advantage of using our hardware is that you can use practically any gate design with any gate material. Then, let us know the size of the opening and the approximate weight of just the opening part of the gate. We will then come back to you with the suggested model, overall length of gate including counterbalance and size of the foundation required. Armed with that information you can then complete your gate design.

I have seen most cantilever track with a top track system.
What are the advantages of the Duragates system over the top track system?

There are several advantages. First, the weight of the gate is transferred to the ground, hence it can bear a lot more load than a top track. Besides there are less chances of the track bending/buckling. You can use any gate material versus mainly steel/aluminum for the top track system. You can design any gate shape versus only a straight gate for the top track. Performs better in the snow. Looks much better versus the industrial look of the top track system. Our system needs a smaller counterbalance versus the top track thus reducing the overall gate length. You don‘t need an elaborate system of posts to mount the gate to. Posts tend to shift over time causing problems in the future. Our system only needs a top guide plate that can be installed even on masonry columns.

Can I use any gate material?

Yes, you can use practically any gate material if you can mechanically attach the gate to the bottom track. In case of a steel or aluminum gate you can just weld the gate to the track, or even use the track itself as the bottom frame of the gate.

The system looks very simple. What am I missing?

You are not missing anything! The system is actually remarkably simple. Just a track, 2 wheels and some related accessories. Not just that, it is also very aesthetically appealing with minimal visible hardware.

I live in very heavy snow conditions. How does it
perform in these conditions?

The product works better in the snow than most traditional sliding gate hardware systems. - The wheels are always covered with the track, hence you never have to clean the wheels.- There are no exposed rollers unlike some other cantilever systems- The path of the gate travel has to be cleared of snow, which would have to be done for any gate- You may have to adjust the foundation depth based on the frost line in your local area.

I don't know the weight of my gate. Where do I go from here?

We urge you to at least roughly estimate the weight of the gate based on the materials and design used. It is an important starting point in order for us to help you configure the overall gate dimensions.

My gate is very small. Can I use your system?

Absolutely. Our system can be used for openings as small as 2 to 3 ft in residential and even indoor applications. You don't need to pour a foundation for small gates/doors such as these. See our project gallery for examples.

Which gate operator can I use?

Our system is totally independent of the gate operator. You can use a gate operator of your choice. In fact, the face of the bottom track provides a nice surface to mount the gear rack to (for rack/pinion type operators). The track slides very smoothly on the carriages thereby reducing the load on the operator.

What kind of maintenance does it require?

None really. The carriages have sealed bearings. Depending on usage, the bearings may wear out eventually and it is then advisable to replace the entire carriage. If you ever want to service the gate, simply remove the end caps and slide the gate off the track.

How much effort will I need to operate the gate?

The track slides very smoothly on the carriages and you can operate the gate with just one hand. Of course, depending on the weight of the gate and the application you may want to install a gate operator. Due to the smooth operation, the load on the operator is also reduced.

Can the gate travel at an incline?

Unfortunately, that is one application where the gate will not work. The carriages must be installed horizontally and in one line. However, since it is cantilevered off the ground, the ground itself can be at an incline. You just install the gate high enough to clear the highest point on the ground.

Can I install the carriages on a post instead of on the ground?

We highly discourage installing the carriages on the post as it will not be able to bear a high load and will also cause problems once the post starts to shift. In fact, the system is designed to avoid all the problems associated with mounting the carriages to a post. We realize that there is an added cost involved in making a foundation. However, for light duty applications, many of our customers have been able to post mount the carriages or not pour a foundation. Once you understand how the system works, please use your judgment to determine what could work in your application.

I have an arch top on my gate. What do I use for the top guide?

For arched and other gate shapes we recommend using the monorail CG-254 and the roller CG-252. This galvanized steel monorail can be installed horizontally somewhere along the full length of the gate and will provide adequate support.