Have you been searching for high quality cantilever parts and accessories for your slide gate? Cantilever Gate Parts offers the latest carriages, tracks, anchoring accessories, wheels, end cups, foundation plates and more, all for the lowest prices!

Whether you have a dainty 13 ft slide gate or a monstrous gate that weights 4,050 lbs, our hardware will allow your gate to slide effortlessly.

Our carriages are available in small, medium or large sizes, and come in multiplate or monobloc styles. Our 20' and 10' long aluminum and galvanized tracks are proven to be the best in the industry. Looking to install? We have the threaded tie rods and foundation plates you need to make your gate operate smoothly.

If you're looking to build, fix, or complete your cantilever gate, we can help! Questions? Call 330-650-9226 or email our sales team at Sales@CantileverGateParts.com for answers from a professional.